Vegan chocolate cookies

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200 grams of coconut sugar,
you can use soft light brown sugar if you want or half and half half white half brown
112 g vegan butter
1 teaspoon of vanilla for this recipe I used vanilla powder to give the cookies a rich flavour and colour ,
I used native organic vanilla powder
125 grams of all purpose flour
55 to 60 grams of cacoa powder i used raw cacao powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/4 teaspoon of himalyan pink salt
I tablespoon of plant milk

Topping I did not use this time around I have used in the past roasted hazelnuts, coconut, vegan chocolate drops or you could even add vegan mini marshmallows.

Oven 180 degree C 350 degree F
Cream the vegan butter and sugar in a bowl add the vanilla essence/powder and mix then
In a separate bowl sift the flour,cacoa, baking soda and salt Then gradually add the dry ingredients to the creamed vegan butter and sugar and mix then
Add the plant milk around one table spoon you can add slightly more if you want but if you add too much just add a little more flour to compensate.
It should be the texture of cookie dough.
Now is the fun bit add any toppings then all you have to do is shape into balls using your hands you can wear catering gloves if need be and always have a bowl of soapy warm water to hand to rinse your hands and placed on a greased baking tray and bake for ten minutes at 180 degree always preheat your oven and grease two trays before hand. This recipe makes 15 cookies #vegan #chocolate #biscuits #vegancooking

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