Win a Rock Chocs pamper...

  Win a Rock Chocs pamper box and raise money for Arthur's acres animal sanctuary raffle tickets GBP2.50 all money goes to Arthur's Acres Animal Sanctuary buy tickets at 



WIN a a Rock Chocs Pamper Box

and help raise money for Arthur’s Acres Animal sanctuary

raffle takes place in December (date changed to get more money for the sanctuary) If you are a vegan company and want to donate a raffle prize please be in touch. Prize will either need to be sent direct to winning ticket or sent to me to send out. All money raised goes to animal sanctuary. If you have never been to Arthur’s Acres Animal Sanctuary Instagram page please follow them. Todd who runs this amazing sanctuary posts many live feeds a day showing you how incredible this sanctuary is. I do help raise money for other places too. This sanctuary we so love and want to help them in any way we can. We love how super happy all the animals are how they are given so much love. The animals were rescued from terrible situations being abused, kicked, overfed, mistreated it is heartbreaking to read all the animal stories. Todd and his amazing volunteers have changed every animals life.

Here are some of the pig that live there stories :-

Arthur - a piglet was found at the property abandoned the property before it became Arthur’s acres animal sanctuary was an old backyard butcher farm with severe cruelty to animal . Todd found Arthur and rescued him went he went to view the property. Todd knew there and then that his missions was to get the property and turn a horrible place into a positive safe environment for these animals and many more.

Prim, Rue, and Katniss were left to die in a small place no pigger than a dog shed they were rescued from a severe neglect cases in New York.

Vivian and her sister Fay we’re surrender from a laboratory where they tested on animals for their products.

king Karl was a breeder pig never once allowed outside. If you could see how happy King Karl is now this is why I so want to help this amazing sanctuary.

Joy was used to test products on by a laboratory and was rescued. Along with Betty and Jane (were used in testing for burn victims) They were also used to test the duel ventilator to help combat Covid 19 due to this they are considered heroes and were allowed to be rescued rather than being euthanized.

Every pig and all the other animals they rescued has a story and Todd has rescued them giving them love, a healthy environment with healthy food and activities so these animals have learnt to trust again and are now happy.









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