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Cheeky Panda

Bamboo Toilet Paper 4 rolls

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Brand The Cheeky Panda 


About The Cheeky Panda 

The Cheeky Panda is here to ask: Why are we still chopping down trees to make toilet roll?
We utilise brilliant bamboo instead, to create Household, Baby & Beauty products that are not only good for the planet, but for you too. The bamboo used to make these eco-friendly essentials grows super-fast – 30x faster than trees, to be exact. It’s also 100% FSC-certified and sustainably sourced in South East Asia, where it would usually go to waste. But not anymore!

As a proud B Corp, The Cheeky Panda strives to provide sustainable solutions and be a better business. The range is Carbon Balanced by the World Land Trust, is certified vegan and cruelty-free. Plus, we use plastic-free and recyclable packaging.

From toilet tissue to baby wipes, straws and facial wipes, The Cheeky Panda’s mission is to make the planet a greener, cleaner place while offering eco-alternatives to every day essentials.

Save the trees Bamboo Toilet Paper 4 rolls

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world - making it extremely renewable and sustainable. It grows 30 times faster than trees, produces 30% more oxygen and absorbs 35% more carbon. An everyday change can make the world of difference!


In Abundance Bamboo Toilet Paper 4 rolls

We source our Bamboo in SE China – because there’s so much of it! Bamboo grows wildly on vast mountains, and most of the harvested stuff goes to waste – until we came along! Don’t worry, it’s not the same Bamboo the pandas chomp on!

Kind to Skin Bamboo Toilet Paper 4 rolls

Naturally hypoallergenic, with long, smooth fibres that trap fewer dust particles – perfect for sensitive skin. Unlike traditional paper production, our Bamboo needs no fertiliser, pesticides or any other chemical nasties. A better you, a better planet!


 Bamboo Toilet Paper 4 rolls Pre Order today 

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Zero waste objective
  • Vegan
  • Made in China

Why are trees still being used to make loo roll? Wouldn’t you rather have forests instead? Make the switch to The Cheeky Panda’s FSC-certified bamboo toilet roll and keep the planet green. These super-soft and sustainable bamboo loo rolls are good for your bum AND the Earth, mainly because they produce 65.6% less carbon than normal tissue. Plus, they're vegan, FSC-certified, naturally hypoallergenic and plastic-free. Shall we keep going? Okay. They’re also all-natural and contain no chemical nasties, AND our supply chain is carbon balanced. We’ll stop now... (they’re also super soft).

Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic and kind to skin.

For external use only.


100% bamboo fiber



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