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Hormone Balance - Organic Infusion

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Brand Niwa Tea - France best before December 2023

About this brand

Niwa Tea is an all-natural, handmade brand of wellness teas and infusions. The name Niwa was chosen because it refers to a small square of plants or flowers in Japanese. Birth: My name is Pauline and I am the creator of Niwa Tea.  Being a dynamic and entrepreneurial young woman, I knew right away that I wanted to embark on the adventure. Adept of well-being, health, short circuits and drinking a lot of tea and infusions since my earliest childhood, I was tired of seeing all the big brands sell only taste. So I decided to create my own recipes to restore nobility to teas and infusions, thanks to the benefits of plants.


Hormone Balance - Organic Infusion this product is on its way to Rock Chocs

About this product this is a loose tea 

The HORMONAL BALANCE recipe was created by Niwa Tea to relieve the hassles of menopause and improve your days. Helps digestion, relieves hot flashes, regulates hormones, not to mention boosting the body. Its ingredients are entirely organic The individual handmade pouches will follow you everywhere throughout the day and their quotes will put a smile on your face. The Niwa Tea HORMONAL BALANCE recipe consists of (among others): * Tulsi: provides the serenity and balance needed to help you see more clearly, especially during this menopause period. * Valerian: Decreases nervousness, feelings of anxiety, and promotes sleep. * Cardamom: It is diuretic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory; It is a valuable aid to digestion by reducing bloating and relieves heartburn * Immortelle: It heals wounds and soothes burns Information: * Box of 45 grams * Approximately 24 cups



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