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Vegan Chocolate Co - Made In Australia


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Brand Vegan Chocolate  Co - Australia

We are super excited at Rock Chocs to be the first UK stockist for this amazing vegan chocolate made by Master Chocolatier Hamish. 

More about this brand. 

Our Vegan chocolates are truly distinctive. And for good reason. They’re unique; not only due to the locally sourced ingredients and their 100% vegan certification. But they’re also exceptional chocolates because of our master chocolatier’s passion for handmade artisan products. All of these things, coupled with a restive dream of a higher social conscience makes up the core of why we do what we do here at the Vegan Chocolate Co. Our mission is to bring you decadent goodness that’s guilt-free for your body, mind and soul. We honestly believe that we’ve done it the best way possible through our continuous focus on four key elements that we hold close to our hearts:  

First, do no harm to any living creature.

Paying cacao farmers and harvest-workers a liveable wage to supply us with our fundamental ingredient.

We source unprocessed, eco-friendly ingredients from a wide range of Australian producers, in order to create delectable local goodies with a low carbon footprint. We never have and never will use any nasties in Vegan chocolate products. Why? That’s an easy answer: Because chemical manufacturing has contributed to widespread destruction of ecological habitats and animal life, and that’s against our ethos.

Every single item that leaves our workspace has been lovingly handcrafted right here in Sydney, specially for you - our valued clientele.
 Our artisan chocolate maker has taken many years to perfect his craft. He lives for chocolate so that you can sit back and experience that chocolate in all of its unpretentious glory.  At the Vegan Chocolate Co. we are always looking to pair our range of milk and dark chocolate with fresh and interesting flavours. Look out for special edition bonbons and seasonal surprises. If you’re a true die-hard and would like a special taste combination, email us with your suggestions and our master chocolatier may just make your dreams come true.  We also have a new range of vegan chocolate biscuit and vegan marshmallow chocolate goodies stocked in a select number of Sydney cafes and vegan stores. Watch this space for your chance to order from us direct, including our delectable Timmys ™
and Tammys ™.  

SNEAKY - 40g

The nutty rascal of the pack, this treat is made from a velvet-smooth date caramel, created right here in our premises. We've selected a particular varietal of dates for this sticky troublemaker, added healthy Australian oats and oodles of peanuts to make this into a truly brilliant, healthy treat.

We named him 'Sneaky' because  he'll have crept into your belly in one fell swoop without you even batting an eyelid.

Wickedly delicious and like all of our brood, he's been hand-dipped and finished in the finest vegan chocolate that money can buy. We can't get enough of this punky little devil.


54% Dark Chocolate (Cocoa Mass 43%, Sugar 43%, Cocoa Butter 13%, Soy Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavour) Peanuts (20%), Natural Maple Flavour, Sugar, Salt, Almonds, Sunflower Lecithin

Allergen Advice

Contains Peanuts And Soy

May Contain Traces Of Milk, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Sesame, Sulphites And Lupin



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