Empowering Natasha: The Vegan Patty Lady's Journey to Success

Empowering Natasha: The Vegan Patty Lady's Journey to Success

Empowering Natasha: The Vegan Patty Lady's Journey to Success

Today, I had the honor of speaking to Natasha, the owner of The Vegan Patty Lady. I have been following Natasha's journey through Simon Squibb's social media. Simon is a very successful entrepreneur, HelpBnk Founder, Investor, Staircase Owner, 

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@simonsquibb on Instagram.

Natasha pitched her dream to Simon via the famous door bell and after an event organised with support from Simon and members from HelpBnk Natasha made the biggest vegan Patty ever for this event and with the approval from everyone tasting this Simon then invested 5k into her business. 

When Simon invested in her business, tears of joy rolled down my face as I felt so happy for Natasha. She has worked tirelessly to get her delicious UK vegan Jamaican patties into 6 locations since this day.

Now, Natasha needs our support through her GoFundMe page (Donate Here) to raise enough funds for kitchen running costs, designing and purchasing packaging, and expanding the business nationwide.

I believe that with our help, Natasha can achieve her dreams. Even if you can't donate, please consider sharing the link, writing a blog post, or posting on social media to support Natasha and buy her amazing products or even stocking these delicious vegan treats at your cafe or shop. Small businesses thrive when we help each other, and I will be overjoyed to see Natasha realise her dream.

Visit The Vegan Patty Lady website to learn more about her products.

Special thanks to Simon Squibb for his dedication to making dreams come true. Follow Simon on Instagram @simonsquibb.



Thank you to all my customers and followers for helping Natasha with her dream.


xxxx  Jenny at Rock Chocs 

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