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Rock Chocs Vegan On Line Store

We are a small vegan business based in the U.K., When I first thought of the name Rock Chocs I did registered my Rock Chocs name  before beginning my business with companies house this was ages before I started my business but I changed it to sole trader a few months before starting my business. Which is fine to do. I just was not aware of everything you needed to do as a limited company so before beginning my business I made sure everything was right. So always get lots of advice before starting a business decide whether sole trader or limited company works best for you.  If you registered a business as a limited company even if it was dormat like mine as I just wanted my business name registered and had not started you then have to dissolve it even though dormat and then change to sole trader with inland revenue. Just so you know. 

Anyway back to the story of Rock Chocs. 

I have always enjoyed cooking and also making lots of home made products from bath bombs, soaps, chocolates, cookies and home made granola. Making hampers filled with home made products for friends and family for birthdays and Christmas. I decided to take this love of making things to the next level and enrolled myself in 2018 onto a Raw Chocolatier course and completed level 1 to 5 with The Raw Chef and Amy Levin. I also found out more about how I could have my bath bombs formulations approved so I could sell these. These were approved I then put all my ideas together whilst I was making my chocolates for my business. In October 2019 Rock Chocs was opened. I find making my chocolates and bath bombs, foot soaks and bath bomb dust so rewarding. It is such a lovely feeling packing the pamper boxes for customers and getting messages from my customers.  



I wanted to give my customers a place that they can shop for both beauty, gifts, chocolates, sweets all in one place so it makes it easy to buy a gift for someone or to treat yourself. I also support other vegan business and stock lots of other products and every few months add more products. 
My artisan bath bombs will be available soon as changing some of packaging. 

My business is a very ethical business. 

Apart from making artisan chocolate and bath bombs, and foot soak. I wanted to give my customers a place where they could shop with everything being vegan and with brands that are like me with their focus being vegan, cruelty free, zero waste, biodegradable, compostable packaging or packing that could be reused, refilled or recycled reducing the need for plastic, sustainable and brands that have the passion to give back to environmental concerns with planting trees or doing something to improve the environment. 

Rock Chocs 100% Vegan business 

Cruelty Free Products 

Zero Waste - are packaging for our bath bombs, foot soak, bath bomb dust and chocolate is compostable/ biodegradable. Also all the brands we stock are focused on this.

Biodegradable glitter is used in bath bombs. 

Biodegradable twine is used in the packaging of bath bombs. 

I used a vegan printing company for my greeting cards. 

The chocolate ingredients are ethically sourced. 

We also try to reduce our carbon foot print. We plant a tree with One Tree Planted for every on line order received, We also give you a chance to plant more trees. 

We send all our orders via Royal Mail to use resources effectively at no cost to our customers shipping is FREE. 

We only delivery in the U.K. 


I have been vegan for 40 years and love being vegan and supporting the environment, the planet and caring for animals. 
We have also received a 5 rating in January 2022 from Food Standards Agency. 

I thank you for supporting my small business.  

❤️ Jenny 

 Rock Chocs Vegan on line store
Rock Chocs Vegan On Line Store
Rock Chocs Vegan On Line Store
Rock Chocs Vegan On Line StoreRock Chocs Vegan On Line StoreRock Chocs Vegan On Line StoreRock Chocs Vegan On Line Store


 Rock Chocs The Story

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We are so thrilled to have loyal customers when we were at Newbury Vegan Fair on the 20th March we were delighted to see our VIP customer Sarah Davies. We first met Sarah last October when Sarah cycled 100 miles to our vegan fair at Chippenham Vegan Chocolate festival to buy our chocolate “Rock The Mint” for her husband. Sarah cycled also to our Newbury event too. It is an honour to have a customer so dedicated in supporting our small business. Thank you so very much Sarah means the world to us x Jenny 

 Rock Chocs The Story




Rock Chocs The StoryRock Chocs The StoryRock Chocs The StoryRock Chocs The StoryRock Chocs The Story
Rock Chocs The StoryRock Chocs The Story


       22nd September 2023 We are thrilled to receive our first award from Lux Life