Collection: Artisan Chocolate by Rock Chocs & Chocolate Making ingredients

All the vegan chocolate I make is Raw chocolate means it is tempered at a lower temperature to keep all the nutrients in from the Raw Cacao Powder, Coconut Sugar and  Raw Cacao butter. I only use organic Madagascan Vanilla power and natural flavours mainly Medicine flowers and natural extracts and organic essential oils for the Rock The Mint Raw Chocolate I make.

I make only small batches of this chocolate as ingredients are expensive and then the chocolate is always freshly made.

I recommend consuming the chocolate within 2 months of purchases and store the chocolate in a cool dark cupboard away from sunlight not the fridge !!!

The packaging for the chocolate is compostable made from vegetable starch. 



I can also make a base vegan raw dark chocolate and you select what topping you want eg just roasted hazelnuts, mixed nuts, strawberry pieces etc these are available on a custom made order so will take up to a week to make email me for details.




Gluten Free Chocolate try Raw Halo Organic Raw Chocolate  

Mylk & Pink Himalayan Salt

Mylk & Vanilla


Dark & Raspberry