Rock Chocs Launch Dec 2019 Rock Chocs

Rock Chocs Launch Dec 2019

Rock Chocs Launch Dec 2019
I am very proud to launch my new vegan chocolate and gifts business. Rocks Chocs. The first part of the business Vegan Beauty will be launched today and the vegan raw chocolate collection will be launched hopefully by February 2020.

From a young age I have always loved cooking and as a child I remember telling my uncle I wanted my own restaurant. When you are that young you remember thinking that everything is possible and there are no obstacles ever thrown in your way. I was vegan from early teens and have been a chocoholic for as long as I can remember. I always loved chocolate and watching it being made and learning this was something I really wanted to do. I had tried almost every vegan chocolate bar ever made so I may as well make the chocolate and so I completed my level 1 to Level 5 raw chocolatier course with The Raw Chef, Amy Levin which fired my passion even more to go ahead with my own vegan chocolate and vegan gift business. So Rock Chocs has been born and will start at a small scale to begin with with me hand making all vegan chocolates and vegan gifts. My ethics for my business is zero waste so the packaging and labels are vegan and biodegradable and compostable so is the twine used.


so today I am launching 8 vegan bath bombs 6 have essential oils in and 2 have fragrance oil. I have formulated all of these myself and have had a cosmetic company assess and approve them. I also have formulated a Lime and Peppermint foot soak (again approved by a cosmetic company) and have a vegan unfragranced face serum. 

Lavender Essential Oil which is soothing and relaxing.
Grapefruit Essential Oil detoxifying, improves concentration and is refreshing. 
Lime Essential Oil - refreshing and revives. 
Sweet Orange Essential Oil uplifting and soothing. 

Cacoa Essential Oil with Jojoba . This is a personal favourite of mine as if you love chocolate this has extract of Theobroma Cacao with soothing qualities of Jojoba oil as well as raw cacao. This one is rich in antioxidants  great for the skin. 

Bubble gum - This one is such a nostalgic fragrance oil uplifting and fun. Great as a gift. 

Candy Floss - This rich, nostalgic fragrance oil. Great as a gift.



I would like to thank a few people who have inspired me and supported me to achieve this.

my amazing family for trying the bath bombs and chocolate and giving me feedback, to my amazing friend Jo you know who you are. To my amazing son who before I had even launched this had told all his friends I had my own chocolate and bath bomb business I think they imagined I owned something on a larger scale to what it is.

For the people who designed my logo, packaging

Antonio Rosario for designing my logo I love it. work can be seen at

Fj_design for designing my face serum, bath bomb packaging  allergy template and my chocolate bar packaging. Fahad your work is amazing. Fahad work is at  


For my mum accidentally taking a bite of one of the bath bombs  thinking it was raw chocolate I had made. Prompting me to put a Do Not Eat warning in label. Mum you made me giggle and also a need for you to wear your glasses next time. 

For my brother and sister who have listened to me go on and on and on about bath bombs and chocolate for the past two years. Who have had to spend hours laying in the bath trying out my bath bombs as I formulated them whilst eating chocolate and sipping champagne ( no well not the Champagne bit) but might buy them some if I sell loads !!! 

For my husband thanks for all the support as I make Bath bombs in the early hours of the morning. 


X Rock Chocs 

If you would like to sponsor me Rock Chocs is in need of a dehydrator, Vitamix amd wet am dry stone grinder. In exchange will do blogs and social media. 

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Such a beautiful way to soothe your senses in the bath. Sweet orange is gorgeous and smells like nature… you can tell it was made with love and definitely not mass produced. Thank you for making something that gives so much pleasure!

Tracy Brightmore

Jenny kindly donated some of her bath bombs to an auction for Big V Sanctuary, and I luckily had the winning bid! The bath bombs were fantastic quality, the fragrances were sublime and I highly recommend them!

Louise Griffin

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