Rock Chocs Eco Statement

At Rock Chocs we not only care about what products we make we also care about the products we buy to sell. We care about how are products are made, what ingredients they contain many of are products have organic and sustainable ingredient , that they are cruelty free and vegan, kind to the planet to animals and to you. We also focus on the packaging with a zero waste  vision. Our sweet packaging uses compostable and biodegradable packaging. Our branded bath bombs ( Rock Chocs) uses compostable packaging so does our artisan Rock Chocs Chocolate ( Rock The Mint and our other bars) .

We reuse the boxes from orders sent to us as packaging. When we use bubble wrap we buy biodegradable bubble wrap so it is kinder to the planet. 

We also want to make sure that when we send out our products to you that they are sent via Royal Mail so no additional resources are used as they are delivered with your normal post with free delivery.  

We also want to help and support as many small vegan business as we can by stocking their vegan products and placing regular small orders with our suppliers will make a positive impact on both our business and theirs. 

Even the book distributor we use MDL has been carbon neutral for its entire operations since 2017. They also use 100% renewable electricity and the warehouses use LED lighting to reduce energy consumption. 

  • MDL has reduced the amount of plastic used in packaging materials by 33% and is in the process of trialling alternatives to its residual plastic packaging materials
  • MDL has reduced paper consumption in its operations by 27% during 2020/21
  • Waste & Recycling

    • In 2020, MDL diverted 97% of all waste away from landfill or incineration
    • MDL is partnered with local recycling businesses to ensure that waste products are disposed of as efficiently as possible

With your support we can grow our business and this will have a knock on effect on our suppliers, our environment and also the animal sanctuary’s we support ( through us sponsoring more animals as well as donating raffle prizes or helping in any other way to support the animal sanctuary we support long term) 

Which include Arthur’s Acres Animal Sanctuary New York ( via patron, donating raffle prizes as well as fundraising) 

The Farm Animal Sanctuary Evesham by donating auction prizes as well as helping fundraising. 

Little Green Pigeon Sanctuary via Patron. 

We also plant a tree with every order received with One Tree Planted. 


Signed Jenny 

Owner at Rock Chocs