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Esmay Belle Vegan Black Handbag

Esmay Belle Vegan Black Handbag

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Brand Esmay Store

Esmay Belle Vegan Black Handbag   We have 1 bag in stock 

About this brand 

The inspiration behind the brand was upon the idea that fashion should be accessible, empowering and cruelty free. Designing minimalist timeless designs made from sustainable vegan materials is our core mission.

ESMAY ‘s owner lives in the Netherlands and her motives are based on the fact, that unique bags can be affordable and from high quality at the same time. The journey of the brand started in 2017 by discovering the fashion industry and the opportunities to produce sustainable vegan bags. Finding
micro fiber vegan leather, get it certified (PETA) , and then getting started with an adequate atelier took about 1 year. From that moment till now, we made great steps and now we are selling at multiple marketplaces and inhouse at boutiques.

All our products are handmade with PETA approved Vegan leather. The Vegan leather we use, exist of Microfiber, a material that is made from a strong fiber coating and a cotton bottom layer. Micro fiber is unique because of:

  • Microfiber is the most high- quality alternative for replacing (animal) leather.
  • Microfiber is technical crafted from natural materials
  • Microfiber has a strong coating, that gives a high protection against sunlight and water
  • Microfiber has a soft and comfy feeling
  • Microfiber is easy to maintain, with a damp cloth

ESMAY works with an atelier in Turkey, who has more than 20 years of experience making bags. The working conditions are conform laws and regulations. Supporting local craftsmanship ESMAY became like a family with her Atelier. We feel the responsibility to take care of each other. ESMAY’s grow means the grow of all our vendors.

The packaging we are using for inside the bags, are made from recycled paper.

Belle Vegan Black Handbag


Model Belle, elegancy is the key word!

Hardware: light gold

Made from soft Vegan leather




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