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Camomile herbal tea loose tea 50g

Camomile herbal tea loose tea 50g

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Camomile  loose tea 50g 


“Like Sunshine in a Mug”

Our Camomile blend uses the finest whole flowers to bring you a golden brew that is fragrant, delicious and perfect for soothing.

Camomile is naturally caffeine free, making it the perfect addition to your evenings, or when you are you are looking to unwind and find some peace.

We like to drink it throughout the day, to help us stay grounded and centred, and to find some gentle calm among the busyness. We also love Camomile for its reportedly anxiety-reducing and mood-brightening benefits.

Perfect For: Anyone looking to relax and unwind

Pack Size: 50g (35 Servings)

Packaging: 100% Plastic Free and Compostable. Simply place in your Food Waste Bin when finished. Learn more about our approach to sustainability 


Caffeine: None

Taste: Refreshing, Light, Floral

Brew: 1-2 Teaspoons, 100°C, 2-3mins

Ingredients: Camomile Flowers

Brand Nuditea

about us

NUDITEA was created in 2019 by us, Sophie and Josh, born out of our mutual love for tea.

Our goal was to make tea as exciting and conscious as coffee has become. So we set out to create delicious, quality and great value blends, and are excited to have created a truly ethical, sustainable and independent little tea company.

We put our tea drinkers and the planet first. This is why we took our time with each blend, creating teas that we love and would genuinely buy ourselves. It’s also why all our packaging, blends and teabags are 100% Plastic Free and Compostable, and why we shop small from other small and independent businesses whenever we can. We believe in putting people and the planet first before profit.

In this sense, we want NUDITEA to be about transparency. Whether loose leaf or teabag, we blend our teas using whole leaf, where the quality speaks for itself.


drinking tea naked

We drink our tea naked. That means nothing but the finest whole leaf, responsibly sourced and sustainably packaged. So whether you’re sipping loose leaf or steeping a compostable teabag, you can rest assured that NUDITEA is as good for you as it is for the planet. It’s all about quality, transparency, and letting the flavours of nature speak for themselves.





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