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Haynes Gourmet

Haynes Gourmet Haynes Candied Jalapeno Hot Relish

Haynes Gourmet Haynes Candied Jalapeno Hot Relish

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Haynes Gourmet Haynes Candied Jalapeno Hot Relish 400g  Best Before 20.3.25 we have 6 in stock

About this product

SWEET & SPICY – Our Candied Jalapenos are not your ordinary Jalapenos. They are “Sweet with a little Heat”. Due to the cooking process they start off SWEET and finish with an afterburn of EXTRA HEAT! Think of it as an awesome flavour journey. THE PERFECT SERVING SUGGESTION – Spread the Jalapeno Love. Is our Candied Jalapenos Relish not hot enough for you? Try our new Hot Relish to add Extra Spicy flavour to all your everyday foods. Still enjoy the Sweet but Turn up the afterburn! HOW TO USE – Spread generously on your Cheese Toasty, Hot Dogs, Sausages, Burgers, Nachos, Tacos, plant based food.Turn any Sandwich into an afternoon tea-time treat. WARNING: These little beauties are GOBSMACKINGLY DELICIOUS. Once the first jar is cracked open, we cannot be held responsible for the FLAVOUR STORM that will follow. ALL NATURAL & VEGAN FRIENDLY – Our products add flavour to any meal and are free of all nasties (nothing but the good stuff)!


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About Haynes Gourmet

IT'S NICE TO MEET YOU! My name is Charity, and I founded Haynes Gourmet back in 2017 with my Husband, Robert, and my Dad, also called Robert (but you can call him Bob). We started small, cooking tiny batches of Candied Jalapenos in our country cottage kitchen and selling them at local food festivals and farmers markets. Since then, we've steadily grown but we've not veered far from that original vision. Our Candied Jalapenos are still lovingly hand filled into every jar, using real, all natural ingredients. AWARD WINNING CANDIED JALAPEÑOS An already popular delicacy in the south of the United States, Candied Jalapeños have a unique flavour combining sweet and spicy, with their Red Candied Jalapeño, Candied Jalapeño Hot Relish and Cranberry Candied Jalapeño scooping up Great Taste Awards in 2020. WHAT CUSTOMERS SAY "They don’t get 3 gold “great taste stars” in 2020 for nothing… they are categorically THE BEST! end of." - Jason D. "These have become as important as the bun when it comes to making burgers in our house." - Sandra D. "So tasty and different to anythingelse. Nice kick of chilli but you can stilltaste everything else. Goes well with really savoury things or with anything actually, hot or cold!" - Nicky Lothian



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