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Brighton Perfume


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Brand Brighton Perfume 

We are super delighted to be stocking this incredible perfume by Brighton Perfume.

Brighton Perfume Story

Brighton Perfume is a window into a real vegan perfumery existing in an open kitchen blending, atomising and symbiosing small batch natural fragrance.

We are back to the heady golden ages of Perfumery; The Roaring 1920’s and The Too Fast to Live 1970’s with a contemporary twist. The heady French elixirs of the 1920’s then morphed into the fast fashion vibe of the 1970’s with affordable bohemian sassy scents. Eras unfortunately dominated by animal cruelty within the industry, but the sassy scents should have paved the way forward to contemporary fashion led wonderments. The industry is a pale reflection on those heady days with benign amalgamations of one-sex safe perfume with no distinguishable notes.

Brighton Perfume led by Pao Pincerna has developed a new contemporary way of making plant-based perfumes with a vision to revolutionise the industry. Arid, smoky, floral elixir wonderments ranging from ultra-masculine to ultra-feminine to reflect your perfume DNA. Marlene Dietrich favoured a masculine smoky scent based on tobacco leaf, it reflected who she was rather than constraining her to feminine florals and aldehydes.

We are intrinsically linked to fashion and music culture as the perfume gods of the 1920’s and 1970’s aligned themselves. We are not reminiscent of the past but forward thinking but noting the fact that perfume is nostalgic, the scent of your mother, father or first partner will bring back cerebral memories that make you feel alive and connected to a lifetime of dreams.



PAISLEY – A floral fantasia rising over gun-smoke parfum

Bohemian Unconsciously seceding from conventionality

Masculine fragrance suitable for all Hedonists

HEDONIST – Perfume That Drives You Crazy

Psychedelic aroma consciousness tripping in a unique sonic botanical haze. I wonder if you think of me at all?

Unlock Your Perfume DNA





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