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Happy Carrot Skincare

Terrific Tomato Facial Oil 30ml

Terrific Tomato Facial Oil 30ml

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Brand Happy Carrot Skincare 

Terrific Tomato Facial Oil 30ml  


Nourish your skin with this award-winning light facial oil with a base of upcycled tomato seed oil and brightening rosehip.

A light nourishing facial oil for combination and oily skin types made with upcycled tomato seed oil. Designed to nourish, balance and brighten acne-prone skin. Commended by the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2020!

Made with over 98% upcycled ingredients!


How to Use 

Apply a few drops as needed and massage onto damp skin, avoiding the delicate eye area. Best used morning and night after cleansing with Incredible Carrot Hero Balm for extra soft skin.

Best for combination, oily or inflamed skin. Perfect for wearing under make-up or sunscreen and when you want something lighter in warmer weather.

Key ingredients: Tomato seed oil truly is a terrific oil, delivering a whole host of nutrients to your skin! Combined with watermelon seed oil, it’s absorbed quickly and penetrates into the skin. Papaya seed oil helps clear dead skin cells away, whilst passionflower seed and rosehip extract both contain vitamin C, all brightening up dull skin. This combination is designed to feel lovely and light, leaving skin looking bright and healthy.

Ingredients: Tomato seed oil*, watermelon seed oil*, passionflower seed oil*, papaya seed oil*, rosehip seed extract and rosemary leaf extract (in sunflower seed oil).

*Upcycled oils from food and drink waste.



This comes in a blue glass bottle with a minimal plastic dropper insert.

Blue glass can be widely recycled in the UK.

Dropper top should be removed and recycled separately.

The label is home compostable, just remove and dispose of in your compost waste.

Eco Credentials 

This product is made from over 99% upcycled materials which means that for every 30ml bottle, over 29 grams of waste has been prevented from going into landfill!

The cold-pressed oils, as well as being upcycled, all come from Europe and are sourced as locally as possible to reduce beauty miles.

The bottle is minimally packaged and careful thought was put into the dropper system to reduce unnecessary waste.

Labels are home compostable.

You save 100m² of rainforest with every purchase, helping save the precious resources we have.

Of course all orders are sent out in plastic free envelopes that still protect perfectly so you can be sure your bottle arrives in perfect condition.




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