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Author Zacchary Bird

The Vegan Butcher by Zacchary Bird

The Vegan Butcher by Zacchary Bird

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Brand The Vegan Butcher written by Zacchary Bird   Format Hardback 

This book is not signed by the author 

The ultimate science-meets-magic guide to plant-based meat for vegans who are tired of burgers with over 130 recipes, step by step guides with photographs and chapters including “Not So Poultry”, “Red Herring”, “Where’s The Beef?” and more comprehensively covering all the ways you can veganise meat!

For any vegans shedding a tear over bacon, eggs, or a porterhouse steak, this is your new bible. Whether you want to experiment with simple meat substitutes in everyday meals or make an entire vegan charcuterie board from scratch, this book is here to shake up your perception of plants and reintroduce you to your favourite classics.

Veganism isn't about missing out - it's about getting creative, and with Zacchary's ingenuity, meat's no longer forbidden (and we're not just talking jackfruit). Watermelon? Now it's a ham. Gluten flour? Turkey. Mushrooms - we think you mean steak.

Equal parts science and magic, this cookbook explores the vast world of plant-based meat possibilities. From easy replacements to full-blown kitchen experiments, The Vegan Butcher has recipes for cooks of every level, with substitutes for (almost) any dish you could think of. It's all the comfort of Matty Matheson, but vegan, because let's face it: falafels are great, but sometimes we want an entire turkey, and Zac's here to realize our guilt-free, home-cooked dream.

FROM THE BACK: “Eating vegan doesn’t mean missing out on the flavour, texture and diversity of food that meat eaters love. Armed with this book, you’ll discover how to create the perfect plant-based meats - sure to sate the most dedicated carnivore. From soybeans to seitan, konjaku to mushrooms, there is little that can’t be achieved using plants, and The Vegan Butcher - aka Zacchary Bird - is here to show you how. Learn how to create meaty textures through the power of freezing tofu, transform a bag of flour into chewy seitan that will trick even the most diehard chicken fans or play mad scientist with methylcellulose to make burgers. With step-by-step visual guides and more than 130 killer recipes, The Vegan Butcher will completely change the way you think about vegan food. Join the revolution!”

Includes tips & recommendations from some of my favourite plant based meat producers including Seth Tibbott (founder of Tofurky), Lauren Toyota (Hot For Food), Richard Makin (School Night Vegan), Chris Maillard (founder of Unreal Co), Jim Fuller (founder of Fable), Simon Toohey (Masterchef/Freshly Picked), Lacey Siomis (Avocadoes & Ales), Thanh Truong (Fruit Nerd), Kasper Schramm (Veganer), Oncle Hu (Seitan Rockstar), Nalin Arileo (founder of YAY! Foods), Megan Beatrice Jackson (Garlic Naan Extraordinaire) and Watson (Thee Burger Dude).

Publisher: Smith Street Books

Photographer: Emily Weaving

Food Stylist: Lee Blaylock

Designer: Evi-O Studio




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