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Vegan Mineral Mascara - 100% Natural Makeup Black.

Vegan Mineral Mascara - 100% Natural Makeup Black.

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Vegan Mineral Mascara - 100% Natural Makeup Black.

Brand Bomonde

About This Brand 

Vegan Mineral Mascara - 100% Natural Makeup Black.


My desire is to provide authentic no nonsense, no gimmick, 100% Mineral Make-up. Helping to empower individuals, to look and feel confident about themselves.

Bomonde is for women who want to look good, sassy and sexy and those that appreciate premium products and services that are kind to the the skin and kind to the environment.

I'm Essjay the Founder, a semi permanent makeup artist with more than
20 years in the beauty sector. I have taken my knowledge and understanding of your aspirations and concerns regarding natural products and sustainability, to provide a natural mineral makeup that is beautiful, effective, healthy, cruelty free and that won't literally cost the earth.

My range of makeups will have a palette suitable for all skin tones and all skin types and can be reordered without wasteful packaging.

The only thing made up is you!


 Vegan Mineral Mascara - 100% Natural Makeup Black 

Fuller, darker and longer eyelashes are achievable with our mineral makeup mascara. Finally a 100% pure mineral mascara that will not irritate or make your eyes water. Create those intense smouldering eyes that pop.

The only thing made up about our mineral makeup – is you. Be healthy in our vegan makeup and make a positive impact in the world experience a greater scene of freedom of self expression and choice.


mascara ingredients:Water, Wood wax, lep, Carnauba wax, Stearic acid, glycerol,Cyanoethyl cellulose,  Aloe extract,Ginseng extract.




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