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Icelab Strawberry Jam - Natural Artisanal Spreadable Fruit - Preserve

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Brand Icelab


Icelab Strawberry Jam - Natural Artisanal Spreadable Fruit - Preserve

2 sizes 120ml and 200  ml select from bottom of page 


120 ml £4

200ml £4.60


Preserves and jams are always delicious, but with so many varieties out there it can be hard to choose the right one for you. Sometimes a classic is all you need, so why not try this delicious, traditional Strawberry Jam from Icelab. Using our unique, gourmet techniques, along with the finest strawberries local to our production facility in Bali, this is gourmet-quality jam with a comforting homemade feeling.


This jam is ideal for desserts, small meals, and snacks at any time of day. Spread some on your favorite bread for breakfast, fill up a croissant, layer it into cakes, or have a cheeky fingerful for a touch of sweetness to get you through the day. However you choose to enjoy our jam, be sure that you’re in for a real treat.


When it comes to our fruit jams and preserves, we see the value of keeping it natural. That means fruit, sugar, and a binding agent. There’s no need to pack our preserves with long lists of chemicals, compounds, and ‘can’t-pronounce-that’s, which is why we work towards keeping things natural, bringing the best out of good fruit and bringing it to your plate.


Choose Icelab today, and enjoy the classic, delicious taste of this Strawberry Jam.



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