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Eva Bold

Coffee Mocha Keto Protein Bar

Coffee Mocha Keto Protein Bar

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Coffee Mocha Keto Protein Bars

Best Before date 10th August 2024

We will be stocking more from this range soon.

Brand Eva Bold 


Packing a punch and a coffee kick, these indulgent coffee mocha bars have a chocolatey texture combined with our signature chewy protein crispies.

Low-carb and nutritious, each serving contains only 2.2g Net Carbs per bar yet boasts 8g of plant protein and are high in fibre, vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

Enjoy as an on-the-go snack, after a gym workout or as a meal replacement bar.

About Eva Bold


We would love to hear a little bit about Eva Bold and where it all began for the brand…

We met around 5 years ago on a business course in Leeds for entrepreneurs.

We were both very ambitious and loved pushing each other to achieve more, whether that was fitness goals or business goals, we became friends and worked together ever since.

The idea for Eva Bold came in lockdown one, we’d spoken about creating something together for a while but never had the time due to our individual work commitments.

The negative effects lockdown had on both our mental and physical health is what inspired us to do something positive about it. Developing the brand in such an unsure time actually gave us something to focus on, we’d both put on weight, the gyms were closed and our fitness levels decreased – much like the rest of the world!

And of course, we would also love to hear about the brains behind the brand! Can you tell us a little bit about
yourselves and what inspires you?

We wanted to create a brand that was fun, positive, full of energy and all about healthy food choices and the benefits of nutrition. Victoria is an absolute Gym fanatic and loves to challenge herself both mentally and physically, she’s worked all over the world and is always keen to try out new food brands, for those who know her well, she is the queen of healthy snacks and always has something in her bag for you to try.

Alison on the other hand prefers the outdoors to the gym and is an adrenaline junkie, whether that’s climbing a mountain, driving fast cars or pushing herself to the limit in a race. We’re both very active and understand the benefits eating the right foods can bring, in physical appearance and in mental clarity and focus, which is why we chose to launch a healthy snack range that you can take to the gym, up a mountain or simply throw in your bag.

Where did the name eva Bold come from?

Bold is who we are, and what we aspire to be in business and in life, so our brand needed to reflect that and be bold in colours, flavours and the choices we make.

Eva is the Latin counterpart of Eve and means ‘full of life’ It also means ‘living one, mother of life, live strong and similar connotations in many other cultures. We loved the meaning behind that name and the fact it is an acronym of who we are and when we met is an added bonus:

Entrepreneurs Victoria & Alison

What attracted you to the keto and low-carb food market?

The keto & low carb market was a no-brainer, we’d always struggled to find savoury on-the-go snacks that are ‘good for you’ and even if we did, they’d taste like cardboard or bird food. Plus, the low-carb options available never seem to have a decent amount of protein to help support our busy active lifestyles. We wanted to launch a range with both savoury and sweet options, products that were made from a minimal amount of ingredients, were low in carbs, nutritious and actually tasted really good. The flavours were one of the most important factors and we spent a very long time developing the recipes.

Can you tell us something unique and special about your products?

You mean apart from the amazing flavour? Haha

Yes, we’re firm believers that protein is THE most important macronutrient whether you follow a keto lifestyle, low-carb diet, are gluten-free or simply looking to improve your overall health. Protein is king! Unlike your average protein bar, we’re low in carbohydrates and unlike many keto bars, we’re high in protein, so you get the best of both worlds.

The same goes for the keto crackers, they’re low carb, high protein and full of good fats. Currently, our crackers are the only ‘on-the-go’ keto savoury range on the market of its kind but we’re sure others will follow very soon.




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Customer Reviews

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Really tasty 😋

I had never heard of this brand of protein bars before and wasn’t sure what to expect but both the flavours Jenny has stocked are so delicious. The mocha is rich and decadent and the salted caramel is a subtle combination of sweet and salty and the protein crispies give them added texture. Low in calories, high in protein and a great on the go snack especially after exercise.

Hi Natalie, you are just the best at leaving product reviews. Really can't thank you enough as this helps new customers so much knowing what other customers think of products they have bought and tasted etc. I am getting a new flavour of these bars in soon. So will let you know. Have an amazing day speak soon best wishes Jenny at Rock Chocs.