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Willie’s Cacao



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Brand  Willie’s Cacao


52% Medellin Cacao 250g

Try our award winning, luxury hot chocolate.

Totally pure and bursting with flavour, we make it from fine single estate cacao with the same time and care as for our other chocolates.

100% natural. Vegan


 Best Before 23/10/25

This Hot Chocolate Rocks!

Totally pure and bursting with flavour, it is made with one of the world’s great Single Estate cacaos that I found in Medellin, Colombia.

This is what gives it its incredible richness and depth of flavour. It is 100% natural, containing only two ingredients, cacao and raw cane sugar.

I make it from the bean with the same uncompromising commitment to quality as with our chocolate.

The beans get a light roast, and then we conche for up to 21 days until the flavour is perfect.

Finally we press out some of the butter using early 20th century cocoa butter presses, and mill it into a powder with the raw cane sugar.

Use to make either hot or cold drinks, and for vegan drinks use non dairy milks like almond.



These beautiful Trinitario beans from Medellin in Colombia are perfect for making hot chocolate because they are non acidic and full of flavour.

Their gentle honey fruity notes dance.

Cacao For Peace is an important movement in Colombia.

Essentially by buying cacao there, you are supporting the farmers in their transition from growing coca.

I have been doing this for many years.


If your recipe calls for both cocoa powder and sugar, and you don't have any good cocoa powder, use this instead.

It is 52% cocoa powder and 48% raw cane sugar which is nearly 50:50.

So if your recipe asks for 40g cocoa powder, use 80g hot chocolate and take 40g sugar off the sugar in the recipe.

You'll find this much more delicious than using average cocoa powder.


Only Natural Ingredients

Cocoa Solids 52% minimum.
Cocoa powder , Raw Cane Sugar

Dietary Information
Suitable for vegans
Free from dairy, alcohol, gluten, nuts and soya.

Average Quantity
per 100g
Energy   447kJ  107Kcal
Fat total    4.6
Saturated fat 2.9g
Carbohydrates 10.8g
Sugar  10.1g
Protein 4.5g
Salt <0.1g



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