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Young Carers Gift Box - buy this for someone who is a young carer and send to them

Young Carers Gift Box - buy this for someone who is a young carer and send to them

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I have had the honour of working with young carers in the past for a day. So I found out alot during that day of what a young carer has to do at a young age with looking after an ill parent. This is why I want to create a gift box that you can buy for someone who is a young carer and that I can send them.  

This gift box is for you to give to someone who is caring for a parent or sibling. This can only be sent out to the person who is a young carer so that they receive this in the post as a gift. A message will be put in the gift box from you where you can say why you have purchased this box.  The box will have items like snacks, mindfulness and  similar in just to let them know that they are special.  It is very tough being a young carer.

I will custom each box and make this more personalised gift. So the gift box may have some healthy snacks in, a mindful journal or similar, relaxing balm which has been formulated for children or a bath bomb. The bath bomb have been formulated for kids and are  from a company that  have had products that are skin safe, drain safe, easy clean and stain free.

Please make sure you know if they have any food allergies or allergic to any skincare products when ordering this as I will ask you a little about the person receiving gift .I would need to know their age so I can make sure this gift has age appropriate products in. I would not need to know all the details about their personal life as this is private.



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